About Us

"By Chalyan"  is run by a young man, who had a vision. A vision that could change his and others perspective for life.
A vision full of inspiration, power, openness, love and confidance. It was that simple yet very challenging. 
Years went by and life showed him what he was looking for all the time. He realized that his vision was his beloved one who had a power of love, who inspired him every single day, who teached him what life is all about.
"By Chalyan" is dedicated to this person as a proof of his gratitude, respect and love. A love without words but actions.
"By Chalyan" sunglasses are designed with love in every detail, with confidance in every step, with power in each desgin, for your inspiration and  for a fearless life.
Maybe one day you can face your visions and conquer the world- with the sunglasses "By Chalyan" definitely!